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The basic search functionality in Joomla! is supplied by the Search component and supported by a variety of plug-ins. This search feature has been present in Joomla! since the beginning, and it is limited in what it can do. In short, the Search component is designed to search the articles and selected components, as determined by the configuration of the supporting plug-ins.

Extensions are the most visible aspect of any Joomla website. The word extension is commonly used to mean two different things with respect to Joomla. The most common usage is as an add-on software program that works with Joomla to add functionality to a website.

It's no wonder that K2 powers some the biggest and most popular Joomla! sites ever built worldwide.

These integrated features in K2 not only save site admins precious management time (from managing a dozen extensions which would otherwise be required), but they also allow for better performance.

Mosets Tree is a directory component for Joomla!. It gives you all the tools and feature you need to run a business directory, real estate management system, web links directory, model profiles or almost any type of imaginable directories on your Joomla website. Because Mosets Tree runs on Joomla!, you have infinite possibilities to include more features to your website by using third party extensions from Joomla! Extensions Directory.


Why VirtueMart ?

Because we love it ! :)

Jokes apart, VirtueMart is great grandfather of Joomla E-commerce. It's been around since 2006 and been on a long journey over the last 7 years.

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