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Joomla Extensions

Extensions are the most visible aspect of any Joomla website. The word extension is commonly used to mean two different things with respect to Joomla. The most common usage is as an add-on software program that works with Joomla to add functionality to a website.

The Joomla project maintains a website called the Joomla Extensions Directory or JED ( that lists many of the extensions available from developers in the community.

From a programming point of view, the word extension has a slightly different meaning. In this sense of the word, an extension is any component, module, plugin,
language, or template. Extensions that are included with the standard Joomla download are called core extensions. Extensions from other sources, such as the JED, are
called third-party extensions.

A key point to understand is that, when Joomla is running, it doesn’t see any difference between core extensions and third- party extensions. That is why third-party
extensions appear to be completely integrated into the package. They are treated exactly like core extensions. If you are using a Joomla website that incorporates well-written third-party extensions, it can often be difficult to tell where the core package leaves off and an extension begins.

Last modified on Friday, 21 August 2015 21:05