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Joomla! Basic Search

The basic search functionality in Joomla! is supplied by the Search component and supported by a variety of plug-ins. This search feature has been present in Joomla! since the beginning, and it is limited in what it can do. In short, the Search component is designed to search the articles and selected components, as determined by the configuration of the supporting plug-ins.


It is, in other words, limited in what it will return in results; it does not index the entire site. For small sites, or for sites that want only to index the articles and one or two of the core components, the basic search is an adequate solution. The Search component and the supporting plug-ins are enabled by default. A Search module type supports the Search component, and there is also a menu item type dedicated to the component. The search box you see on the default templates is the Search module associated with the basic search.

To use this component, you simply either publish the Search module or link to the menu item type named Search Form or Search Results. In addition to the basic module and component, there are five plug-ins associated with the Search component and you should understand what they do, as you may want to configure them to suit your site's search needs. The plug-ins are :


  • Search – Categories. Enables the searching of categories on your site
  • Search – Contacts. Enables the searching of Contacts component content
  • Search – Articles. Enables the searching of articles on your site
  • Search – Newsfeeds. Enables the searching of Newsfeed component content
  • Search – Weblinks. Enables the searching of Weblinks component content

Each of these plug-ins is responsible for handling the indexing of specific components. If you do not want a particular component's output indexed, you can simply disable the plug-in.

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