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PSD to Joomla template

The steps to converting the psd are not too complicated; however the actual conversion requires a number of fairly specialized skills with regards to graphic design, HTML programming skills as well as CSS skills. There may also be some scripting involved too, which makes the process quite labor intensive as far as programming skills are concerned. The steps to converting a psd to Joomla are briefly:


1. Creation of the psd layout
The first step to converting your psd to to Joomla is to begin with an awesome psd layout. If you are a great designer, then step should be easy enough with Photoshop. But for those who don’t have awesome design skills, there are free psd templates online which you can use to create the perfect website.

2. Splicing the graphics of the psd
Once you have your template you need to splice the pieces of the template to create the background, images and other graphic elements for you page. To splice the psd properly, you need good Photoshop skills to access the various layers and elements of the image and to include in them your website. Remember that certain elements will be included in the CSS file and those elements do not need to be retrieved from the psd.

3. Designing the HTML to include graphic elements
Once you have the graphical elements ready to go, it's time to add the major graphics to the website using HTML. This step will require a good understanding of HTML. Creating the HTML will include creating the logo, creating the menu structure for your new Joomla template, as well as placing the other images within the required html tags. The HTML will also allow you to specify the layout of the page, where to include columns, how many columns to include and other similar elements.

4. CSS coding of the template
Once you have finalized the layout using the HTML template then it's time to build the style sheet which will be applied to the HTML and the website in general. The style sheet will determine heading formats, font formats, hyperlink formats etc. The CSS file is saved in the main folder for easy access and it will determine the format of the final website. The CSS can be coded to include graphic elements like sliders, menu lists and other design elements which will help you take your website to the next level.

5. Integration of the design into Joomla
When you integrate your HTML and CSS into the joomla template there is a file structure that has to be followed to ensure that the content is displayed correctly. This step requires good knowledge of joomla and how this content management system works.

Last modified on Thursday, 16 April 2015 11:11