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Parallax Scrolling

This topic has seen plenty of mileage this year. This interesting design technique and prevalent web trend saw a massive resurgence in 2011, and has since enjoyed regular rotation in a number of authoritative web design circles. Even three years later it’s still a hot topic of discussion.


Much of this discussion revolves around what it adds to a website, whether or not it’s a superfluous addition, or an interesting and engaging animated effect which adds depth and intrigue to your website.

Parallax scrolling is undoubtedly a visually attractive element on any web page, but like most guilty pleasures it must be enjoyed in moderation. The differing speeds of on page elements in the foreground and background combine to give the impression of movement, but too much movement makes for an uncomfortably bumpy ride.

See what the authorities on the subject have to say:

Courtesy : Zack Rutherford

Last modified on Wednesday, 15 July 2015 13:36