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Joomla Development - What is involved ?

Everybody knows Joomla is a great CMS. But story does not end just here ! Joomla CMS also provide a great framework to built applications upon. You may have custom requirements e.g. Hotel Booking or Auction or Shopping cart, Joomla can handle all.

If you are new to Joomla and web development, you can feel overwhelmed by acronyms, jargon, and new concepts. However, with a little help and perseverance, you can succeed in writing code for Joomla to make it work just the way you want it to. Joomla is designed from the ground up to be modified and extended, and many people with limited technical knowledge have successfully learned to write programs for Joomla.

What Do You Need to Know?

Most Joomla programming involves writing PHP code. Since the information for a Joomla website is in the database, some of this PHP code interacts with the database.
This is normally in the form of SQL queries. Database queries are used to store data to the database and to pull data from the database. So Joomla developers need to know how to write SQL database queries to interact with the database.

Some Joomla programming involves working with XML or HTML. For example, parameters for forms are typically stored in XML files. The parts of the program that
actually output the information to the browser (called views or layouts) typically contain a mixture of PHP and HTML code. So Joomla developers need to be somewhat
familiar with HTML.

Some Joomla developers are heavily involved with the way a site is laid out and the way it looks. These people need to be very good at working with HTML and CSS.

So, you can pick up any stream of your choice. Here in JoomlaFreaks, we developed 100s of custom solutions to meet requirements of our clients and we can help you too.