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Creating Killer Content

You might be tempted to think an article is the same as a page. Strictly, it isn't. Joomla doesn't think in terms of pages. Joomla figures any web page is constructed of a whole lot of database-driven bits and pieces—and almost any combination of those bits and pieces can turn up on the visitor's browser as a web page.

Although in Joomla, an article will certainly be at the center of a content page, there's bound to be much more to that page. Around the article there will be all kinds of other dynamic content—yes, those bits and pieces. Be that as it may, for the sake of simplicity we'll just use the word page (or content page) for articles now and then.

As long as we're aware that content pages may contain more than articles, that's OK, isn't it? Don't tell Joomla; it will be our secret.  ;)