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CSS Tuning

Whenever you are using Joomla! to construct a large page that will have many visitors, it can become important to keep the page loading time as short as possible. In the Beez template, I integrate several CSS files: one for positioning, one for the distances, one for the colors, and one for the different Internet Explorer versions. These files make it easier for designers to handle and understand. But for each file, you need to send a request to the servers, which affects the performance.

For most people, using the Internet has become so commonplace that they take it for granted. But not everyone benefits from the convenience of today’s technology. In particular, people with physical or mental disability face barriers that make accessing information or using services difficult or even impossible for them. Many of these barriers can be overcome if a Web site’s content is designed to be accessible to everyone.

Extensions are the most visible aspect of any Joomla website. The word extension is commonly used to mean two different things with respect to Joomla. The most common usage is as an add-on software program that works with Joomla to add functionality to a website.

Everybody knows Joomla is a great CMS. But story does not end just here ! Joomla CMS also provide a great framework to built applications upon. You may have custom requirements e.g. Hotel Booking or Auction or Shopping cart, Joomla can handle all.

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