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You might be tempted to think an article is the same as a page. Strictly, it isn't. Joomla doesn't think in terms of pages. Joomla figures any web page is constructed of a whole lot of database-driven bits and pieces—and almost any combination of those bits and pieces can turn up on the visitor's browser as a web page.

The basic search functionality in Joomla! is supplied by the Search component and supported by a variety of plug-ins. This search feature has been present in Joomla! since the beginning, and it is limited in what it can do. In short, the Search component is designed to search the articles and selected components, as determined by the configuration of the supporting plug-ins.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a website traffic tracking program. The tool is free of charge, loaded with features, and an excellent choice for most website owners. If you are not familiar with the service, you should take some time to explore the tutorials Google offers, as fluency with the tool can be of great benefit to your SEO efforts. With Google Analytics on your site, you can track site visitor activity and discover where they came from, how long they spent on the site, and what they looked at on your site.

For most companies, the initial steps in setting an SEO strategy focus on defining the product priorities and the target markets. As those issues are typically driven by the particular concerns of specific businesses, we're going to focus this as the step in the strategy process, that is, determining which keywords and phrases are most likely to deliver the type of traffic the site needs.

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