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This topic has seen plenty of mileage this year. This interesting design technique and prevalent web trend saw a massive resurgence in 2011, and has since enjoyed regular rotation in a number of authoritative web design circles. Even three years later it’s still a hot topic of discussion.

If you want to build powerful websites without having to worry about all the coding, and technical aspects of it, there are three main options as CMS. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

MySQL is the very popular open-source relational database management system which is used by popular high-volume websites such as Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as well as many others across the globe. This original version of MySQL is low-cost, easy to use, install and integrate, is flexible across many different platforms and is very reliable and scalable and performs well. As a result, over 100 millions copies of the software have been downloaded or distributed throughout its existence.

Undecided if you should migrate or not? After all, your site is running fine. Why rock the boat? Somehow you’ve heard/learned that you need to migrate to a newer life cycle or version and landed here. You’ve come to the right place. This documentation is a funnel. At the bottom of each page there are up to two options to take you to the next step. Now, here are all the reasons to take the plunge to Joomla 3.x!


JF in new look !

Greetings !

We are back in new avatar. The new site is responsive, more colorful and more vibrant.

With new site, we also added new services to offer. We have a bigger team now and can execute the projects in faster turn around time. We are also going to add a few components and modules for free to download !

Stay tuned !!

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